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Kipling sale in Dubai Up to 50%, August 2019

KIPLING - Exclusive Sale Preview on June 20 - up to 50% OFF on selected luggage, bags & school items. Visit KIPLING & JASHANMAL stores.
If you have got the time, we have got the best Sale for you on Leather & Luggage at Kipling in Dubai.
local_offer Sale
shopping_basket Kipling
local_play Leather & Luggage

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When you visit us at Kipling in Dubai where the real Leather & Luggage is, you will be surprised by our affordable Sale that will make you come back for more.
When you shop at Kipling in Dubai, our Sale will let you think once, think twice, about Leather & Luggage
local_offerSpend and Win
Shop at Kipling in Dubai, our offer gives you the best of Leather & Luggage that keeps you going.
local_offerSpend and Win
When you shop at Kipling in Dubai, our best offer on Leather & Luggage makes you ask for more.